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About Our Store

John and Corky started Farm Cabin Alpacas in 2018 and opened the Warm Fuzzy Store in September 2022. Not only do we want to bring amazing alpaca products to our friends, family, neighbors (and the world), we also want to continue to upgrade our alpaca herd, make smart breeding decisions, and keep our alpacas healthy - and all of that takes an investment in our herd. That's why we decided to open the Warm Fuzzy Store - seems like a win-win to continue to invest in our herd/facilities in order to provide tours and share alpacas with others.

Our physical store at our farm has more products and options than the on-line store. Feel free to contact us if you want to visit our in-person store or if you have questions! We're excited for you to try products with this incredible fiber - it's warm, it's temperature regulating, it's hypo-allergenic, moisture wicking and SO soft and comfortable! It's worth every penny!!!