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Sharing our love for alpacas and babydoll sheep...

Welcome to Farm Cabin Alpacas & Babydoll Sheep

We're glad that you found us on the web. Please take a look at our listings and enjoy learning more about our farm. We welcome your enquiries and questions!

John and Corky Glisczinski started Farm Cabin Alpacas in 2018 after falling in love with those beautiful faces on the internet. John surprised Corky and their grandson with their first farm visit back in 2016 and it was an all-in initiative from that moment on. The barn was built in 2017 and their first girls came home in March of 2018.

Learning how to be great alpaca parents has been an incredible journey ("every day's a school day"). We've met so many beautiful animals and wonderful people in the alpaca community - all of which have been so helpful in giving advice.

We started out with more "pet" quality alpacas and have started transitioning our farm to higher quality animals and are excited for the changes we've made these past couple of years and are equally excited for our new additions to come in the summer of 2024 (if all goes well, we could have up to 4 crias born next year!). Our herd is up to 12. In June 2022, we were blessed with our first male cria ("Reggie" was 18 pounds and a ball of energy from the get-go) and we are excited for him to be our first herdsire when he grows up! In August 2022, we welcomed Highlander's Snow White Aurora ("Rory") a precious little female cria (she was 15 pounds 2 ounces and is a very independent yet precious little bundle). Since Reggie is a growing young man, we decided he needed friends... so we went to the alpaca show in Kansas City this spring, and we fell in love with two grey males from Joyful Journey Alpacas from Hayward, WI, so we brought them to our farm the summer and they have adjusted wonderfully and are a great addition to our herd (plus are "fan favorites" with our visitors).

In June of 2022, John fulfilled a dream of adding Southdown Babydoll Sheep to the farm. John bought our farm from his Uncle Jack years ago - back in the day, Uncle Jack had sheep on the farm and John always thought it would be fun to continue that tradition. When we saw the faces of the Babydoll Sheep, we just knew they were a great addition to our farm - so Pink and Lizzo were brought home in June 2022 and we've loved every minute. They sure remind us how quiet alpacas are... Pink and Lizzo love to sing! Spring of 2023, Pink and Lizzo looked lonely, so we bought two more girls from Alpulanda in Owatanna - their names were 10 and 11 (they weren't formally named yet), so we kept the Eleven name (we are stranger things fans) and call her Elle and then the other is named Lady Ba-Ba (John is so clever).

We love to have visitors to not only visit and interact with the animals, we also have added our Warm Fuzzy Store to sell these amazing alpaca products so visitors can touch and experience the awesomeness of alpaca fiber. We do have many of our alpaca products available on our on-line store, but there's nothing like feeling the softness in person!

We do not charge for visits - we just ask that you CONTACT US to make an appointment before you come. We love to share these animals with you!