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Athletic Alpaca Socks

Sporty ankle socks - keep your feet dry

Ideal for people who enjoy running because it is designed to keep the feet always dry. It has a tight elastic band in the arch of the foot which makes the Socks stick in the same place. On the top of the foot, the sock has small holes where the perspiration gets released. The sole of the feet is padded, giving a soft and comfy sensation, avoiding any kind of damage to the feet. This sock, made by Classic Alpaca products, has a high percentage of Alpaca on its composition due to Alpaca’s fiber properties.

45% Alpaca / 19% Acrylic / 24% Spandex / 10% Elastic / 2% Nylon.

S/M (womens 5-10 / men 4-9)
L/XL (womens 10+ / me 9-14)